Heritage Peak is within the family of Pacific Charter Institute schools. Pacific Charter Institute was formed to empower students to take charge of their education by connecting their individual needs and interests to a rigorous learning plan, thus creating self-motivated responsible citizens, critical problem-solvers, and lifelong learners.

Our family is new to the world of homeschooling, and we have only been able to do it with the support of Melissa our teacher from Heritage Peak, who has given us so much guidance and linked us to the resources that are helping to take some of the burden.

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At Heritage Peak, every student has access to one-to-one teaching through student-tailored, standards-based curriculum. Heritage Peak was founded on the principle that education works best when it is tailored to student’s individual strengths and needs. Our goal is to work cooperatively with students, parents, and the broader community to develop each student’s greatest potential. We leverage the flexibility of the independent study model to empower SPCA students to meet their educational goals.

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Pacific Charter Institute is focused on developing self-motivated, educated individuals in the Sacramento region who will spread the wealth of knowledge worldwide in a meaningful way.

Heritage Peak offers homeschooling students in Sutter, Colusa, Placer, Yolo, and Yuba Counties an educational experience that is personalized to each student. The SP staff works cooperatively with parent educators to develop an individual student-learning plan. Each learning plan is supported with generous and competitive discretionary funding to purchase curriculum and vendor course instruction. Each parent educator is paired with a credentialed teacher located in the student’s community.

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Heritage Peak – Designed By You. Accomplished Together

  • INDIVIDUALIZED LEARNING – Students of all backgrounds find themselves learning like never before as they are supported and guided by our credentialed teachers in partnership with parents. Our program has the flexibility to create a customized learning path for any student, no matter their past educational experience.
  • INTEGRITY – Founded by educators, our program is held to the highest standards of financial and curriculum excellence so that all students may thrive.
  • COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS – We strengthen relationships between families, programs, vendors, authorizers, and the community to create a learning environment that supports everyone.
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Being WASC accredited, we integrate high-quality education into our flexible learning plans. Our education is rooted in hands-on learning, personalized schedules, and proven systems of support to ensure your child’s unique needs are met and exceeded. At Heritage Peak, our credentialed teachers support, guide, and educate each family to ensure your child excels in their education.

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