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Heritage Peak Charter offers a tuition-free homeschool or independent study personalized learning model for students in grades TK-12. Our high-quality educational program is rooted in flexible learning, personalized schedules, and proven systems of support. Our program allows parents to use the curriculum of their choosing or select from a wide variety of free educational resources and materials in our mobile lending library as well as take advantage of the hundreds of approved vendors we partner with using instructional funds provided by the charter school. Using these educational resources, families have the freedom to build a customized learning experience for their student, tailored to fit their child’s needs and in partnership with a highly qualified California-credentialed teacher.

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Every student enrolled in Heritage Peak benefits from the expertise of a credentialed teacher. Our award-winning and credentialed teachers work with their assigned students/families to identify and implement a personalized learning plan for each student. Teachers will meet a MINIMUM of every 20 days with each student/family to review progress, set goals, and discuss budgets. The meeting is designed to encourage, support, and guide Heritage Peak students and families on their homeschool journey. This meeting may last up to one hour per student depending on the student’s needs.

The teacher’s primary role is to work together with the parents to execute an appropriate course of study, help the student meet or exceed grade-level requirements, and ultimately, work towards high school graduation. All Heritage Peak teachers are highly qualified, experienced, credentialed teachers who are committed to customized, hands-on learning for each student and family.

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Each year instructional funds will be allotted to each student, with which families can select approved educational materials and services. Funds may only be used during the school year in which they were allotted, and do not carry over from year to year. The use of instructional funds is up to the discretion of the teacher in accordance with Pacific Charter Institutes Spending Guidelines. Please consult with your teacher to determine the eligible use of instructional funds. For more information, please refer to these helpful guides. Funds are prorated after the first day of the school year.

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